Well, Hello Cyberworld!

“It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know what you are doing.” 
This has been a major theme in my life, and it is certainly most fitting today.  As you read this introductory verbiage, I sit with major egg in my face.  For the last 17 years, I have always prided myself in not being an internet shop.  Well, now I’m saying phooey on that! Ha!  The times they are-a-changin’.

In the history of Crafty Hands Yarn Shop, I have focused on customer service, and anything else that “old-fashioned” service entails.  None of that internet business. I wasn’t sure I could focus on customer service with an online presence. Well, now I’m saying phooey on that!  I thought I could keep from referring to the internet, but there’s too much great information just waiting to hit our computer devices, because let’s face it—the times they are-a-changin’.  Up until now, I have always vowed not to have an online shopping cart so long as I had a brick and mortar shop.  Well, strike three!  The times really are changing, and at Crafty Hands Yarn Shop, we want to match our customers’ changing needs.

So, here I am.  Reaching out to you and hoping you will forgive me in my past convictions and 20th century notions.  Lookout, here comes STARLAKNITS.com to cyber space.  (Whoa…..  If you want to throw the eggs now, just aim under the five foot mark!) With all the support and faith from customers and friends, I am trying to “put on my big girl panties.” (And I think I  can actually hear a few close friends chuckling at me.)  That’s okay, I can take it. But I am going to take this slow, which is not a speed I really like, but I know I must be realistic!  I am so glad you have joined me on this little cyber adventure.  Who knows, we might become great friends, especially if you are passionate about knitting and life as much as I am.

Speaking of passions, there are a few things I must throw down, just so you will understand the absolutes of me on my little web adventure.  I am obsessed.  YES!  I admit it up front.  LIME GREEN is an obsession.  Not only in yarn, but in tennis shoes, sweaters and usual everyday décor. If it’s lime green, I’m in. The rest is pretty standard protocol.  There are three men in my life, and I totally love them all. Fred, my husband, is the older one. Our boys, Sam and Jake, are my greatest accomplishments, and they bring me joy every day.  They are truly the loves in my life. (Like I said, pretty standard stuff.) I have more family than just my boys, though. I adore my new daughter-dog, Tricot.  She is definitely sweeter than sweet and too cute for words. We also have Rocky, our Australian Shepherd, and some finches here and there and even a few chickens! What can I say? I have lots of interests and joys in this life. Oh, and did I mention that I LOVE to knit?  Maybe you guessed that, though…

Well, there you have it.  I haven’t a clue what I am doing, but, then again… it’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know what you are doing!