A Pair and a Spare of Yorkies


I have found a new love.

Designing dog sweaters for the pair and a spare of yorkies!  Yes, Tricot, Jacquard, Neon and Elgee have inspired me to tickle my creative inner side.  When I closed Crafty Hands Yarn Shop, I wasn’t certain the direction my endeavors would lead me.  But after a couple of “left turns” opportunity did knock!     Long story short, I am designing and knitting dog sweaters not only for the pair and a spare, but a whole realm of fun furbabies and their moms.


And all my Crafty Hands Yarn Shop buddies!  I would love to have you join my studio group.  It’s a place where I post  my latest endeavors in the knit dogwear world.  It’s also a place to help you with patterns & yarn you have purchased from me in the past.  And speaking of patterns, I have list of patterns that will be coming out of my head for you to hopefully have fun with!     I do miss all the antics and good times at Crafty Hands Yarn Shop, but I am also enjoying my transition to my  present day knitting!

I am settled in my studio now, so I would love to hear from you, whether you need some knitting help, or just want to catch up.  Hope this finds you healthy, full of energy, but most of all happy!

YO’s & Stitches,

Starla, Tricot, Jacquard, Neon & Elgee.